5 Flower Bed Landscape Ideas

cinder block

Not So Traditional Flowers Beds

When you mix art and science into your gardening, one could create a stunning visual. A flower bed is a sure-fire way to brighten up your outdoor living spaces. If you don’t have a flower bed (or several of them) or you think that perhaps you just don’t have the yard space, perhaps these 5 flower bed landscape ideas you can try.

  1. Cinder Block Flower Beds
  2. Spilling Flower Beds
  3. Boxwood Flower Pots
  4. Pyramid Flower Beds
  5. Limited Space Planters

Cinder Blocks for Flower Beds

Need some space options for smaller yards or landscapes, consider building a raised flower bed using cinder blocks. Cinder blocks provide a sturdy and rugged pot for your flowers for an economical way to landscape, Not only will you create a quick and easy place for your flowers to bloom, you can save significant money over traditional flower bed materials. Whether you are an expert gardener or just a beginner, a cinder block flower bed will get you gardening in no time.

Spilling Flower Beds

This is one of the most simple ways to create a spilling flower pot display, by partially burying a terra cotta planter in a planting bed and then planting small flowers spreading outwards and getting narrower as the display lengthens. Petunias are a great choice for an inexpensive, yet fragrant display.

Box Wood Flower Pots

If you are planning to incorporate raised flower beds in your landscaping and you don’t really want a square bed, you can weave your own round beds that will look lovely all around the yard. You can use willow, dogwood or any number of other flexible rods for the weaving and when they are finished, these raised beds are absolutely gorgeous. They are perfect for beside the steps or just anywhere you want to have a flower bed but you prefer the raised beds as opposed to traditional ones.

Pyramid Flower Beds

Not all vertical flower beds are the same just like not everyone’s yard is large enough for a traditional bed. This vertical pyramid bed is perfect for smaller yards and balconies because it gives you loads of places to plant those blooms without actually taking up much space. The flowers grow upward so you are utilizing the air space above, which is perfect for those with no yard. You can build this pyramid easily and then choose your plants. Add larger plants (that grow higher) on bottom and finish the top with smaller ones.

Limited Space Planters

When you have limited space, like in apartments or condos the only way to create a breathtaking garden is to plant up. This cascading planter allows you to do just that. IThe fact that the top two tiers are elevated also helps protect the plants. This specific planter is designed with three tiers, so you will have plenty of space for your favorite plants.

If one of these 5 don’t peak your interest click here for more ideas.

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