Front Yard Decorations Ideas


photo2A Few Ideas To Inspire

You have endless possibilities for front yard landscape decoration plans, no matter the style or size of your home. Decorations don’t have to be big to be beautiful. You don’t need an acre or even a front yard to experiment with colors, textures, fragrances and a variety of plants. Remember, your front yard is your calling card to the neighborhood. Not only is it the space that makes a first impression to your neighbors, but also it’s the place to express your taste and personality. When choosing complementary plants and designs, keep the architectural style of your home in mind so that your front yard represents the spirit of its traditional or contemporary style. Few more

Areas to Focus On

  1. Curb side landscaping: An assortment of grasses, flowers, mulch and stones. Turf grass is bland and should be used in contouring curbside appeal.
  2. Focus on you mailbox: Sometimes you can hit two birds with one stone.  Mailboxes are usually placed along side your curb and should be included in your landscaping plans.
  3. Working around your tree: Trees provide a big part of you home’s landscape.  Adding some decorative elements will enhance your landscape’s beauty.
  4. photo6Flower bed elevation: When you raise your flower beds you bring flowers closer to eye level and visible for all to admire.
  5. Working with Stone: Stone pathways, center pieces or statues will draw focus to you yard.

With the design of any landscape the way you use the decor to enhance your landscape is key. Some question to ask your self:

  1. How much work am I willing to put into my yard? A well prepared design will pay off in future and show a beautiful designed yard.
  2. Can I handle a large yard landscaping project? Depending on your preferences and materials,  landscaping could be a big task to accomplish.  Keep a good landscaping professional in mind to assist with the stone pathway or stone landscaping. Stone can be very heavy.
  3. How much time am I willing to spend on its maintenance after it’s installed?  Anything worth having, is to keep it well maintained and looking sharp. From lawn mowing to mulching.  Keeping a well maintained yard takes some work. This where having a good landscaping professional will be good to have.

Knowing the answers will help you narrow down your choices and design a smart front yard!

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