Weeds In Your Lawn? How To Get Rid Of Them

How to get rid of weeds in your lawn?

One of the best ways to get rid of weeds is to mow your grass a little bit higher. Longer grass uses water more efficiently, shades the earth, and prevents weed growth. It also produces more rhizomes which produce thicker turf. This creates a good thick barrier that prevents weed growth. Grass feeds itself and generates the energy to reproduce through photosynthesis. Your grass needs to have good, healthy blades and plenty of chlorophyll to be able to conduct photosynthesis. If you cut the grass too short, it will grow faster to create longer blades, so that it can continue producing food for growth and reproduction. When you have your grass mowed a little bit less frequently, it grows more slowly.

  1. Mulching. A excellent suggestion for how to get rid of weeds in lawn is to have your yard mowed with a mulching mower have the clippings left on the lawn. This practice fertilizes your lawn without chemicals. It also adds to the barrier that prevents the growth of weeds. The lawn clippings will compost beneath the level of the grass and create rich new soil. This will lead to a thicker topsoil layer, which is another method of how to get rid of weeds in lawn. The reason for this is that grass roots grow deeper and spread more into thick layer of rich soil. Weed roots grow shallow. If your grass roots are thick and abundant, they will crowd out the shallow weed roots, preventing weed problems.
  2. Water less often. When your soil is deep and rich, and your grass is a little bit taller, your lawn will use water better and stay green longer. You should only water when your grass begins to look stressed by drought and the blades begin to curl. This practice encourages your grass roots to grow deep and thick, seeking water. If your soil is very dry, you should water half an inch, turn off the water for an hour so, and then water another half inch. The soil will soak up the water better when you do it like this.
  3. Remove Thatch. When you water too frequently, your grassroots will stay shallow and send out runners on top of the soil, instead of growing deeply into the soil. This thatch of runners will form a barrier against water and provide a good environment for weeds. That’s why watering less often is an excellent example of how to get rid of weeds in lawn.

Organic Herbicides and Methods of Weed Control

There are a few simple methods of how to get rid of weeds in lawn that you can use as you set up a lawn care regimen that will discourage weed growth.

  • Create a spray of white vinegar with a few drops of dish soap added, that will kill weeds as effectively as commercial products such as Round-Up. As with commercial products, be sure to use the spray on still days, and spray very carefully only on the weeds you wish to kill.
  • Applying boiling water along sidewalk edges, or in cracks in sidewalks or driveways on weeds to kill them off.

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